We didn’t know buying a house can be like this!

I’m an old timer, not impressed easily, but this little lady did us really good. 

We bought many properties throughout the country with many agents in the past 3+ decades, but we have not received the attention, education and knowledge we got from Marianna.

Everything about her and her is different than all other brokers we worked with. All other agents just wanted to know how much we got, what do we want to buy and where. 

Then they put us on a mailing list and were sending us matching homes to look at and taking

 us on tours (like tour-guides). We thought that’s what it’s supposed to be, but then we met her.

She met with us at night, treated us to dinner and drinks (which we thought was very classy) and 

she proceeded to get to know us. We had a great time chatting with her, she is very funny and welcoming. We got to know each other and we learnt a lot.  The first time in our experience buying we realized that what we thought we wanted was not the best for us at the end. 

She could have sold us a house for almost twice what she actually did, and by identifying our actual needs, she found cheaper location serving us better, yet still getting what was important for us

Now that is rare, an agent who saves the buyer money, in today’s market! 

I wish she were licensed in other states too.

—  Jim and Lisa T